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Center for Assessment and Coaching

Dr. Julie Baumer - PhD in Psychology
Thomas Baumer - Enterprise expert and business economist

Goals and values

The CACB Center for Assessment and Coaching specialises in assessment, coaching and outplacement services. The goal is an excellent professional achievement compared to the market.

The CACB is distinguished by an exchange of experiences and a continual development of its processes according to the results of current research, without neglecting the proven methods and the experience of the collaborators acquired over the years. Our values are finesse and differentiation of expertise, reliability, adaptability.

The CACB Center for Assessment and Coaching is a section of the company CICB Center of Intercultural Competence Ltd. The CACB also offers coaching, assessment and outplacement services in an intercultural context if needed.

Our company is a member of Swiss Assessment, a competence center for assessments in Switzerland. CICB Ltd., and consequently CACB which is a section of it, respect the standards of Swiss Assessment.

The newspaper La Liberté presents the activities of CICB and CACB.







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