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Dr. Julie Baumer - Psychologist FSP
Thomas Baumer - Coaching expert and business economist


  • Dr. Julie Baumer

    Dr Julie Baumer is co-director of CACB. She is a professional psychologist, specializing in personality assessment and analysis, skills assessments, advice and coaching.

    She accomplished her studies in Psychology (PhD in Lausanne, MSc in Fribourg, BSc in Paris) as well as in Mathematics (ETH Zurich, BSc in Besançon), and is active since 2008 within personality analysis and personnel selection.

    Her attention is a broad view of the situation and problems with people who are exposed to different challenges, with focus mainly on practical work as a psychologist (member of the organizations FSP and AFP), but as well she is engaged in research and teaching. Recognizing and promoting potentials and talents, especially in difficult conditions, is important to her.

    Her working languages are French, German (including Swiss German), English, Spanish and Japanese.

  • Thomas Baumer

    Thomas Baumer is co-director of CACB. He is also the founder and director of the Kairos Group Ltd.

    He studied business economics (graduating as a business economist HWV / FH) and has 20 years of managerial experience in different international companies. As an assessor, he has carried out more than 700 assessments since 2001.

    Thomas Baumer is a member of the Association of Management Consultants Switzerland (ASCO), the Swiss Board Forum (Swiss Institute for Board Directors and Managers) and the Swiss Management Association (SMG).

    In addition to his activities with the CACB Center of Assessment and Coaching, he is a speaker at universities, member Top 100 Excellent Trainers and Keynote-Speaker at Speakers Excellence.

    He was director of the A+O Career Group (assessments, outplacements, international assignments and coaching) from 2001 to 2008.

    He worked for the Swiss airline Swissair as a Division Manager and Deputy General Manager until 1999, and was responsible for business administration, marketing, network management, purchasing and sales at the Swissair Training Center (recruiting pilots and managers for Swissair and other companies, organising courses and further training for pilots and flight attendants, in Human Aspects Development).

    In the course of business and personal travel, he has visited more than 120 countries. He is a member of Traveler's Century Club and Senior Research Fellow of the International Society for Philosophical Enquiry (ISPE).

    His working languages are German, English, French and Spanish, with knowledge in Italian and Russian.

    He published several books:







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