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Dr. Julie Baumer - Psychologist FSP
Thomas Baumer - Coaching expert and business economist


CACB works together with several specialists for working and organisational psychology, on a mandatory base as well as in partnership with enterprises. Special formation and experiences are planning, performing and validating complex selection, assessment and development processes, also social competences in working processes, mediation, stress, mobbying and computer-based personnel-selection-instruments.

  • Thomas Baumer

    Thomas Baumer

    So far, Thomas Baumer has carried out over 1000 assessments and coachings. As a business economist, he has over 20 years of experience in the management of international companies, most recently at the Swiss airline Swissair as Division Manager and Deputy General Manager at the Swissair Training Center (recruitment, training and further education of cockpit and cabin crew), where he was responsible for business administration, marketing, procurement and management of the flight simulators. In the year 2000 he founded the CICB Center of Intercultural Competence and in 2010 the company grew into a Ltd. company, expanded to include the CACB Center for Assessment and Coaching.

  • Dr. Julie Baumer

    Dr. Julie Baumer

    Dr. Julie Baumer is psychologist FSP and active since 2008 within personality analysis and personnel selection.

    She accomplished her studies with a PhD, MSc and BSc in Psychology as well as a BSc in Mathematics. She works as a co-assessor within CACB Center for Assessment and Coaching, furthermore leads the psychology practice PsYkids (coaching for parents and families, children psychology).

    Her working languages are French, German, English, Spanish and Japanese.

  • Dr Andreas Canziani

    Dr Andreas Canziani

    Dr. med. Andreas Canziani est directeur de Ressourcen-Akademie à Zurich, coach systémique indépendant, instructeur et superviseur pour diverses organisations.

    En tant que psychiatre, il est spécialisé dans les maladies du travail liées au stress et dans la gestion de la santé, ainsi que chef du support médical de Brainjoin, membre de la commission des experts de la Fédération Suisse des Casinos, membre du conseil social des casinos suisses et conseiller InsightsMDi.

    Il reçoit divers mandats comme conseiller et expert médical.

    Dr. med. Andreas Canziani is the owner of Ressourcen-Akademie in Zurich / Switzerland. He is a systemic coach, trainer and supervisor for profit- and non-profit-organisations.

    As a psychiatrist with own doctor's practice he is an expert for job-related stress disorders and health management. He is Managing Director Medical Support at Brainjoin, Member of the Commission of Experts at the Swiss Federaion of Casinos, Member of the Social Advisory Board of Swiss Casinos, InsightsMDi-Mentor and holding several positions as Medical Advisor, Referee and Assessor.

  • Nicole Messi

    Nicole Messi

    Nicole Messi has an experience for over 25 years as HR Director / Head of HR in international and national enterprises, last as Corporate Management Member where she lead the departments Human Resources and Education. Beside of traditional duties in HR and management she has a substantial expertise within the definition of HR strategies, integration of organizations and leading change management processes as well as intercultural aspects. Her current focus points are in-company trainings and coachings, assessments and workshops, in particular within development of the top management: tailor-made solutions for company- and situation-specific needs. Furthermore she is an author of books, lecturer and expert specialized on HR and management within all levels.

  • Tessa Brugger

    Tessa Brugger

    Tessa Brugger studied psychology in the university of Lausanne / Switzerland and Sherbrooke / Canada. She completed also a commercial training and has been working several years for international companies in Germany and Switzerland. Since 2000 she specialized in analysis and development of competencies and potential. Her activities include Assessements and Outplacements, as well as coaching, which she offers in French, German or English.

  • Annemarie Pierpaoli

    Annemarie Pierpaoli

    Annemarie Pierpaoli is a psychologist, dipl. psych. FH. She graduated in working and organisational psychology and is member of SBAP. She has her own praxis (personal assessment, consulting, projective and creative tests, writing) and is furthermore active in stakeholder associations and professional formation.

Further lecturers, translators and consultants are working for CACB, currently on a freelance base or as partners on mandate base.







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