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Handbook Intercultural Competence

Handbook intercultural competence (2 volumes).

Volume 1
Volume 2

The manual is published in German in two volumes by the editor Orell Füssli, Zurich; the first volume was released on February 15, 2002 (ISBN 3-280-02691-1), the second volume on March 15, 2004 (ISBN 3-280-05081-2).
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Volume 1

Global contacts between companies, institutions, educational establishments and private individuals are very actual, and the ability to communicate successfully with one another is increasingly in demand.

In this fundamental work, Thomas Baumer uses country examples, among other things, to show the social framework and personal requirements for intercultural competence: sensitivity and self-confidence are necessary; the understanding of other behaviors and thought patterns, but also the
Ability to convey one's own point of view transparently; to show flexibility as much as possible, but to be clear where it is necessary.

Thomas Baumer
Handbuch Interkulturelle Kompetenz
2002, 224 Seiten, gebunden
CHF 49.- | EUR 29.80
ISBN 3-280-02691-1


Volume 2

Using examples from business and research, this book shows in detail how intercultural competence can be assessed and developed using various methods, for example in the context of assessments.

The question of the moral and individual prerequisites on which intercultural competence is based and how the associated skills can be learned plays an important role. An overview of the most important approaches and methods as well as examples from international companies round off the study.

This volume is a supplement to the first volume of the "Handbook Intercultural Competence" by Thomas Baumer, but is designed completely independently.

Thomas Baumer
Handbuch Interkulturelle Kompetenz
Anforderungen, Erwerb und Assessement - Band 2
2004, 256 Seiten, gebunden
CHF 49.- | EUR 29.80
ISBN 3-280-05081-2


Commentary from the “Cirac Economic Bulletin” (insights into the German economy):

“Globalization is increasing the demand for books that deal with cultural differences. Even if international connections hardly encounter structural obstacles, the culturally determined behavior of men and women can however destroy even the most promising projects. This guide to intercultural behavior is aimed at practitioners, for whom it provides explanations and advice that can be further explored on the "Center for Intercultural Competence" website created by the author."








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