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Center for Assessment and Coaching

Dr. Julie Baumer - Psychologist FSP
Thomas Baumer - Coaching expert and business economist

Our services

The CACB Center for Assessment and Coaching specialises in assessment, coaching, and outplacement services at the highest possible professional level.

For employers, it is the security of hiring people with the right profile for the activity requested, style of the team, philosophy of the company. The consequence is better work efficiency, fewer changes (departures / recruitments) among employees, and thanks to these synergies attention that can be more focused on the growth and development of the company. For employees, it means being in the right place, being able to use their skills with satisfaction and developing themselves. The atmosphere in the company is better, conducive to the development and expression of potential.

  • Assessment
    Profile of strengths and weaknesses as well as development potential: for maximum efficiency and minimum risk of error in the allocation of a position.

  • Coaching
    Unlocking and developing capacities and potentials
    so that they can be used optimally for the employee and the company.

  • Outplacement
    Support for reorientation in professional career.

We are member of Swiss Assessment, which is a competence center for assessments in Switzerland. CACB respects the quality standards of Swiss Assessment.

Our processes are tailored to individual requirements. Special mention should be made of the high degree of detail contained in the expert appraisals, as well as the extreme precision of the prognostic statements (possibilities and limits of further development, demands and time horizon for achieving objectives).







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